Common Addictions

If you want to take back control of your life, you should know as much as possible about your addiction. There are ten common substances that are abused everyday by millions of people across the United States.

Tobacco (nicotine) – over 40 million affected

Nicotine often isn’t concerned an addictive substance. This is because tobacco products are legal and easy to get. Many people who smoke cannot quit even though they know how smoking impacts their health. Being unable to quit despite the side effects of tobacco use is an indicator of the substance use being an addiction.

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Alcohol – 18 million affected

Social drinking is widely acceptable and can make alcohol addiction difficult to spot. Because alcohol is legal, the potential abuse causes many health issues and leads to possible addiction. There are many negative consequences such as liver disease and alcohol overdose, associated with alcohol addiction. Even more consequential to health issues is driving while intoxicated. Drunk driving claims thousands of lives every year.

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Marijuana – 4.2 million affected

With the legalization of marijuana in some states, the drug is becoming more socially acceptable. This causes people to ignore the addictive potential of the drug. Marijuana addiction has grown due to increasing potency of the drug over the past 10 years.

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Painkillers – 1.8 million affected

Prescription drugs such as Vicodin and Oxycontin are addictive. The addiction to painkillers has increased at an alarming rate.Many people become addicted to prescription medications without even realizing that they are doing so until they attempt to stop using.

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Cocaine – 821,000 affected

The decline in cocaine addiction is dropping since 2011. However, there is an estimated 821,000 Americans who still suffer from cocaine addiction every year. Crack cocaine, is responsible for many ruined lives and is more difficult to overcome than regular cocaine. It is cheaper to purchase but the effects are the same. f

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Heroin – 426,000 affected

The withdrawal symptoms from heroin use makes overcoming the addiction difficult. Individual’s wanting to overcome their heroin addiction generally require a combination of therapy and medications to help manage the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The use of heroin by young women in the United States has increased at an alarming rate. Heroin addiction is also a concern because of the contracting and spreading of diseases such as HIV and AIDS due to the sharing of injection needles.

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Benzodiazepines – 400,000 affected

Mood regulating drugs are called benzodiazepines.“Benzos,” such as Valium, Xanax, Diazepam and Klonopin, are prescribed manage conditions like anxiety and stress. Benzodiazepines are extremely dangerous because of the impact on the brain’s chemical makeup. Those with an addiction to benzos are often not aware of their dependence of the drug until it’s too late. The withdrawals can be deadly and require medical assistance during detox.

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Stimulants – 329,000 affected

Meth and prescription drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin are considered to be stimulants and highly addictive. A person using stimulants can quickly and easily develop a tolerance for the drug’s “high” which in turn leads to increased use and possible overdose. The withdrawal symptoms are very intense and make overcoming the addiction a difficult task.

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Inhalants – 140,000 affected

Inhalants, such as gasoline, household cleaning products, and aerosols, are volatile toxic substances. The chemicals in the inhalants linger in the body and the brain longer after a person has stopped using the inhalant. This lingering makes it very difficult for a complete recovery.

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Sedatives (barbiturates) – 78,000 affected

Drugs such as Lunesta and Ambien are prescribed to millions of Americans every day. These drugs are prescribed barbiturate sedatives and are commonly used to treat tension and sleep disorders. Individuals who abuse sedatives build a tolerance to the medication and require higher doses to produce the mind-altering affects. This continued use leads to millions becoming addicted every year.

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