Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab depends on the needs of the addicted person. There are affordable treatment options for people of all incomes.

Understanding the Cost of Rehab

The cost of addiction treatment varies from center to center. Some programs are free while some cost thousands of dollars a day. No matter your budget, there is a center for you. The opportunity to heal is accessible to anyone if they know what resources can help them. There are people who can help you find a way to pay for treatment now.

Most rehabs offer financial aid, accept insurance, or have financing options.

Insurance is one of the most common ways of paying for rehabilitation. The amount insurance covers depends on the insurer and what the health provider accepts.

Types of insurance that may cover addiction care include:

Even though not everyone has insurance, there are still ways to get the help you or a loved one deserves. One option is to look for a free or low-income center. Another option is to look into programs that offer financing. Financing is often a better choice because free rehabilitation centers often have limited funding and waiting lists.

Many inpatient rehabs offer financing options for those without insurance.

For some, taking on the debt for treatment can cause them to be anxious, but it’s important to view addiction rehabilitation as an investment. Over time it does pay off. Getting sober gives people the tools to get their life and career on track. Recovered addicts are also able to save more because they aren’t spending on drugs or alcohol.

Types of Addiction Treatment and Costs

The type of care offered by a rehabilitation center affects the total cost of getting sober. Treatment types are also different for some addictions. There are many other factors that affect the cost of rehabilitation, from medical care to amenities. The following estimates are based on costs reported by studies and individual facilities.

Detox Outpatient detox ranges from $1,000 to $1,500 in total. Most inpatient rehabs include detox in the cost of a program. The exact cost of detox depends on whether it’s part of an inpatient program and the type of drug addiction being treated. Substances with dangerous detox side effects require more careful monitoring, making the price higher.
Inpatient Rehab Some inpatient rehabs may cost around $6,000 for a 30-day program. Well-known centers often cost up to $20,000 for a 30-day program. For those requiring 60- or 90-day programs, the total average of costs could range anywhere from $12,000 to $60,000.
Outpatient Rehab Outpatient programs for mild to moderate addictions are cheaper than inpatient rehab. Many cost $5,000 for a three-month program. Some outpatient programs, such as the program at Hazelden Betty Ford, cost $10,000. The price tag depends on how often the individual visits the center each week and for how long.
Medications The type of treatment and medications needed affects the price tag on rehab. Some people don’t need medication for their addiction. Medications most often treat alcohol and opiate addiction. It can cost several thousand dollars a year. Year-long methadone treatment for heroin users costs around $4,700.

The Cost of Addiction

In the long run, rehab is not nearly as expensive as drug and alcohol addiction. Alcohol and drug users are more likely to skip work and switch jobs more often than sober individuals. This has a negative impact on their income. The price of drugs, legal problems, health issues, and loss of productivity at work all add up over time.

An alcoholic who drinks a 12-pack a day consistently for a year spends over $3,000. This cost doesn’t include potential legal issues that can cost thousands more. It’s hard to estimate the price of illicit drug addiction, but it can be much higher.

The financial costs of addiction are only part of the equation. They don’t include the personal costs on relationships and a meaningful life.

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What Factors Into the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

There are several factors that affect the cost of rehab. Some of the predominant factors include:

  • Type of Center – There is a big difference in the price of inpatient and outpatient programs. The costs of inpatient programs are higher because the costs of housing and intensive care are higher. The cost of such programs also depends on the length of the program and location. A center in a state with a higher cost of living, like California, can be more expensive.
  • Treatments Offered – Some people don’t need medical detoxification when they start rehabilitation. For example, cocaine users usually don’t experience dangerous withdrawals when they stop using, so there is no technical detoxification needed other than being monitored. But alcohol and heroin users often experience intense withdrawals during detox and usually need medication.
  • Amenities – The amenities offered by a rehabilitation facility don’t come free. Amenities may include massages, acupuncture, swimming pools, tennis courts, large individual rooms, or award-winning chefs. Luxury centers, such as those attended by the rich and famous, can cost tens of thousands of dollars per month. While most rehabilitation facilities aren’t this expensive, more amenities mean a higher price tag.
  • Nonprofit and State-funded Rehabs – Some people meet requirements for low-income rehabilitation, which are usually nonprofit organizations. Low-income rehabilitation is free or reduced in cost. These programs are available so people can get the help they deserve regardless of income.The Salvation Army is a well-known nonprofit organization that provides free rehabilitation for people in need. There are also some state-funded rehabs for low-income people.

How to Get Started

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