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What to do if you can’t get into treatment right away.

First of all, let me congratulate you on choosing to live! You have chosen to seek treatment for your addiction and that is a huge accomplishment. Sometimes treatment centers will require that the individual seeking treatment be sober/clean/detoxed for at least three days, but what do you do if you haven’t been sober for three days and need help now. Secondly, I know the waiting can be a scary thought but you can do it and here are some ways to keep you on track and getting into that treatment center.

  1. Seek out a detox facility that can help you detox safely and properly. I would not suggest quitting “cold turkey”, as this is dangerous and could do more harm than good. Detox facilities will have medical professionals to help monitor you so that you detox safely so you can enter the treatment facility you so desire.
  2. Surround yourself with friends and family who will support you emotionally while you wait to enter the treatment facility. Be sure that you are not surrounding yourself with people who will enable you but those that will empower you to press on.
  3. Start making a plan for goals you want to accomplish while in treatment and once treatment is completed. It’s never too late to start thinking about dreams and aspirations you want to fulfill once you are back on your feet again.
  4. Hold on to Hope! Know that right now may seem too difficult to handle and get through, but hold on to the hope that it’s not always going to be like this. Better days are right around the corner and treatment is one step closer to those better days.

Another alternative is to seek out multiple options for a rehab facility. Other facilities maybe able to expedite your treatment sooner than others. An important thing to remember is bed availability maybe limited so don’t give up in your search. Additionally, if you are having trouble finding availability in a detox center try going to your local ER and have them admit you for detoxing off of whatever you’re detoxing from. If you do not feel comfortable going into the ER, contact your family physician and let him/her know that you are attempting to check into a rehab facility and need to detox prior to admittance. Your family physician maybe able to call the local hospital and get you admitted in order to detox safely. Remember do not attempt to detox without medical aid. The medical staff at your local hospitals will also be a great resource for you to find other detox facilities that you may not be aware of.

Even though you may be experiencing feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment, anger etc., push through those feelings and continue to fight for your life. You are meant for more than the life of addiction and there is still time for you to make a change for the better. When one door doesn’t seem to open push on another until you find a way out. Reach out to a friend, loved one, counselor, or organization to help you in your search. Sites like can also help in making the search less over whelming and more achievable. Hope and help is closer than you know, just hold on and keep fighting for your life.

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